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The Disco Aliens have been sharing their cosmic beats with the masses since late 2009.  With origins in Louisville Kentucky, the group music project has been through a number of phases and shifts throughout their evolution. Currently, the Disco Aliens are based out of Los Angeles and include founding members Chris Mindel Elektrolyte, Daniel Batson a.k.a. Anaiek, and Tyrohn Brooks a.k.a. obitykenobi. With many various projects, events, and new original music in the works, the future looks to be bright for these interdimensional music makers. 


Throughout most of history, and especially in the latter half of the twentieth century, the subject of UFOs and Extraterrestrials has evoked strong opinions and emotions. For some, the belief in or study of Aliens has assumed the dimensions of a religious quest. Others remain nonbelievers or at least skeptical of the existence of alien beings as their elusive abduction tactics which never quite seem to manifest themselves.


With the turning of the 21st century and the dawn of the internet age, UFO sightings and Alien encounters have increased exponentially.  With sightings all over the World, a few areas in particular of the United States have seen a recent influx of suspicious sightings.  

Making first contact in St Louis Missouri, years of rumors and speculation had been proven true with the appearance of the Disco Aliens in 2010.  While nothing can be confirmed according to Local Authorities, The US Government and Worldwide enthusiasts alike were left in awe of the confirmation of beings from somewhere else.  While vague amateur video evidence is available, witnesses had similar testament that these Disco Aliens use sonic waves, frequencies, and vibrations to communicate their message.


Over the next three years, various agencies of the government tried to track down these Disco Aliens with little success in an attempt to harness their sonic abduction tactics and extensive knowledge from the beyond the cosmos. As sightings increased in frequency and magnitude, confirmed encounters have been reported all over Kentucky, Indiana, Missouri, Illinois, Tennessee, Ohio and Michigan, and stretch to major metropolitan areas such as Chicago, Miami, and Detroit.  

As more information was gathered, it was apparent that music was not their only means of communication as they embraced other forms of environmental manipulation. Reports of encompassing domes and structures, local camping abductions, and lasers of varying intensities had become common. Teaming up with Jumbie Art, a long time friend and Pioneer of Spectral Art, the Aliens had found fellow wave frequency manipulator to project their cosmic transmissions with.

As authorities narrowed the Disco Aliens location to the city of Louisville Kentucky, they were hot on the trail. In Late 2013 they had pinpointed the Aliens infamous SpaceDome home base, and were ready to make a move, when the crew had up and vanished, all signs of the Disco Aliens were nowhere to be found.


In the Spring of 2014, new reports of Disco Aliens were beginning to emerge, only this time they were on the other side of the country in California.  With sightings in various warehouses, dance clubs, and desert gatherings in the Southern California region, it was apparent that the Aliens had relocated their operations.  Solid evidence has now been found to support the Disco Alien activity. In the summer of 2014, the Aliens celebrated their first release out on Wülfpack records, one of Los Angeles’s fastest rising underground house and techno record labels.  Hard at work in the studio and behind the scenes, future projects and collaborations with Jumbie Art, Wulfpack, Slightly Sizzled Records and other collectives are already being planned and initiated, setting up the future to be otherworldly

You have been warned, the Aliens are here!

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