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Born in Louisville, KY in 1979, Ty considers himself a bi-product of the legendary Soul Train Era. Influences include Motown, 70's R&B, Funk, Soul, Jazz, Disco, and Hip-Hop. At the age of 5, he expressed his love of music at the local skating rink through jam-skating, while the 80’s had a solid music foundation with Michael Jackson leading the influence. After the musical shift towards Hip Hop in the 90's, Ty hung up the skates and began pop-and-locking, breakdancing and eventually attended his first “massive rave” in Clevland, OH in 96’. Unknowingly, the headliners at this event (Fab 5 Freddy, Rob Base & DJ E Z Rock, Afrikaa Bambataa, and a guy named Q-Bert) would start a new chapter in his musical conquest. He started attending parties all over the Mid-West and eventually found himself in Detroit in 2004, which he says, “Changed my life forever. I witnessed Stacey Pullen, Jeff Mills, Derrick May, and Kevin Saunderson in the same night!!”        


From there on out he was sold on wanting to be able to produce the same energy as those musical-pioneers. “They set the bar for my standards.”



In 2009, the Disco Aliens formed and immediately made their brand known all over the Mid-West and throughout the country. Side projects included his first solo release on Transplant Recordings, “The Gift”, as well as a collaborative project, “The Dark Matter”, consisting of John Napier, Ty, along with the Visionary Artist “Jumbie” providing vocals. Releases include, “Bounce” - picked up by Angel Alanis’ label White Noise, and “Barrel of Monkeys”. The group followed with another release under Spoiled Rotten Records featuring Lady Carol titled, “Peepr Man”.


In July of 2013, he moved to LA to attend SAE Institute to study and learn the techniques of recording, mixing, mastering and post production, sound for video games, music production, to complete his knowledge and become an Audio Engineer while studying under some of the most respected industry names. 


From 2015 to the present, Ty is a noble presence in the audio community showcasing one of the most revolutionary plugins to date, SonarWorks Reference 4. You never know what this Alien is gonna’ do next.


“I started DJ'ing in 2001 playing Techno and House music and have dipped into the likes of Drum n bass and Breaks, but Techno will always be the center of my attention.

After meeting the other Aliens and playing music with them, I knew the pieces were in the right place to conceive our concepts. “

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